About Us

The owners of Germania Brew Haus - Jared & Carolyn - are active duty military officers in the Army and Air Force, respectively. They grew up in Southern Illinois and wanted to bring a specialty coffee house and craft taproom to their old stomping grounds. With the help of their families who will be running the place, the doors opened in early June and we held our Grand Opening in early July.


"Alton is on the brink of a renaissance, and we believe that Germania Brew Haus will be a great addition to the city and its commercial growth! We hope other new businesses will follow suit and take advantage of the potential East Broadway has." -Jared (owner)


"The city of Alton as well as the local business owners we've met thus far have been extremely welcoming, and we're eager to get integrated into the community even more as we approach opening day!" - Carolyn (owner)